Titanium Microneedle Derma-Roller for Skincare


The Microneedle Derma-Roller is a skincare tool. It creates tiny punctures on the surface of the skin, which acts as a catalyst to create collagen-rich tissue to improve the strength, suppleness and elasticity in the skin.
The Derma-Needling Roller promotes clearer and brighter skin tones, deep exfoliation, skin tightening, improves fine lines and deeper wrinkles, reduced acne scars, firms and smooths skin texture and gives an overall younger looking skin. 
Gently roll back and forth, gently massaging desired area and your skin will naturally develop a brighter complexion and beautiful glowing skin tone.
Its safe to use around and under your eyes, lips, body, nose and face.


Package includes

1*Derma Roller

1*Travelling Case


Material: Titanium Needles

Size: 192 x 0.2mm Needles

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