Gold Dice Portable Whiskey Stone Set

An excellent whiskey cooling set for gentleman. With the whiskey stone set, you can consume chilled beverages without diluting the taste with ice. This ultra-portable 5 piece whiskey stone set is shaped like dice. The dice are made of high quality durable aluminum. In addition, the freezing is faster and the lower temperature is maintained for a longer period of time.

This pocket size set is a perfect scotch companion. The 5 dice come in a metal case inside our carton box.

Dice Size:
1.6cm x 1.6cm x 1.6cm

Case Size:
7cm x 6cm x 1.7cm

Directions to Use:

  1. Rinse and Air Dry Dice
  2. Freeze for 4 hours before consumption.
  3. Place 1-2 stones in drink and allow to stand until your desired temperature is reached.
  4. Flush Dice.


Store in freezer, away from the reach of children. This is not a toy and should not be ingested.

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