A Gentleman's Guide to Cufflinks - Parts, Designs, and Materials

One of the finer refinements of a gentleman's attire, cufflinks are among the least understood men's accessory. Most men don't own a pair of cufflinks. Others have received a pair of cufflinks as a gift and haven't had the occasion, or motivation, to wear them. Men don't have a lot of accessory options. When it comes to jewelry, we are generally limited to rings, watches, and cufflinks. Wearing the right cufflinks can get you great compliments and show your personality.

Parts of a Cufflinks

Know your cufflink. It helps when your describing it or reading about a pair you want to buy. 

Front Face - the visible front area of the cufflink. Usually, the designed portion.
Post - attaches the face to the toggle, usually the long portion that goes through the cuff holes
Toggle - a hinge or a knob that rotates to ensure your cufflink stays in place

Types of Cufflinks Designs

There are several types of popular cufflinks designs. Each of these designs has its own benefits and unique faces. 

Round Face Cufflinks

Square Cufflinks

Ball Cufflinks

Knot Cufflinks

Chain Cufflinks
Common Materials

There are several popular cufflink materials. We won't get into the rarer exotic types, but here is a general overview of the common materials.

Stainless Steel Cufflinks - Very common and very fashionable. Durable and resilient. 
Silver Cufflinks - Bright, durable, and not very expensive. Versatile.
Silk Cufflinks- Very versatile and great for casual events.
Glass Cufflinks - Very elegant. Unique designs. 
Gold Cufflinks- Great for formal events. More expensive. Very durable.
Enamel Cufflinks- Very decorative, durable, and inexpensive. 
Titanium Cufflinks- Lightweight and extremely durable. Similar to platinum, but less expensive
Metal Alloy Cufflinks - Cheaper metals that can be designed to improve durability with low cost.

Check out our cufflinks for some great designs.  Join the discussion, what's your favorite material or style?


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