Guide to Help Preserve your Neckties

Every gentleman should properly care for his accessories. Not only does proper care ensure you don't look sloppy, it preserves your necktie for many years. If you wear your ties regularly, you might notice that after the third or fourth time they might look worn. 

Here are some easy ways to ensure your ties look neat and fresh.

I. Untying your Ties

Surprisingly, untying your tie improperly can lead to permanent creases in the fabric and damage your tie's look. So, it is vital to tie care to untie properly. Untie the knot by following the steps used to tie the tie backwards. Do not pull the small end of your tie through the knot. Fight the temptation.

Never leave the tie knotted, as it will permanently crease the fabric. 

II. Storage

Good ties are delicate and can become damaged if they are not stored properly. It's very important to hang ties after each use to let the creases fall out and for your tie to breathe again. An easy storage method is hanging your ties on a coat hanger. 

Tie racks are inexpensive and provide an easy method to ensure longevity for your tie. However, for knit ties the rolling method is superior because it allows the knits do not lose their shape by stretching. 

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III. Traveling 

Follow these steps to ensure your ties don't get damaged when traveling. During packing, fold your tie gently into four and place it in the inside pocket of your suit top. If you travel often - purchase a tie case. A tie case is the most effective way to keep ties from permanently getting damaged. However, they might take more space than the alternate method.
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An excellent way to refresh your tie is to keep your hanging on the bathroom door while you are showering. The steam is wonderful on the fabric - it will drastically freshen it up. Take several ties with you while traveling. We suggest one or two per outfit. 

IV. Removing Wrinkles

After removing your tie after a long day, you might notice slight wrinkles and creases in the fabric. You can get rid of this problem quite simply. Simply wrap the tie around the palm of your hand and leave it overnight. 

A steam cleaner is also a great way to remove wrinkles without damaging the tie. A few runs with a hand held steamer can get rid of all the wrinkles!

V. Cleaning your Tie

You might be used to washing your clothes regularly. However, for ties, it is best to only wash the ties when they are actually dirty. We think that all ties should be hand washed or dry cleaned - err on the side of caution and stay away from machine washing or drying. Air drying your ties is also the safest way to go, so the fabric lining isn’t damaged.

Fabrics and how to wash:

  • Silk- Dry clean only. Ask dry cleaner to hand-press.
  • Wool - Dry clean only when absolutely necessary.
  • Linen - Hand wash in cold water.
  • Cotton - Hand wash in cold water.
  • Knit - Hand wash in cold water.
  • Polyester - Hand wash in cold to warm water.

Stain Removal

Stains are unfortunate but they do happen. When you get a stain, it's important to blot with a cloth as soon as possible. Don't rub the stain. For water based stains, use club soda on the tie as you are blotting the stain. If the stain is oil based, apply cornstarch to separate the stain from your tie. Repeat the process and leave the starch on the tie for a few hours. If the stain persists, then take it to a dry cleaner.

Follow these steps to ensure your ties last decades. Not only will you look great, but your ties will look great as well! Do you have any tie care recommendations? Share with us below!


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