Wear a Tie-Clip Correctly with these 5 Rules

The tie-clip is a miniature accessory that can have a monumental impact on your look. Yet there are still many who neglect to wear it correctly. Some forget to wear the tie-clip all together - and leave themselves looking like an amateur.

Here are some easy to remember dos and don'ts.

  1. Width. Ideally, a tie-bar should be no more than three-quarters of the tie's width. This rule does not change for skinny ties. Opt for a tie that matches in length. It's an absolute no-no for the tie bar to be longer than the width of the tie. 

  2. Placement. Positioning the tie bar incorrectly is a common mistake men make. The tie bar should be placed between the 3rd or 4th button of your shirt. Any lower will hide the tie bar behind your jacket; and placing it higher looks awkward. Also, check your tie clip to make sure it doesn't slide down or tilt.

    Here's a great example from tie-a-tie.net

  3. Waistcoat / Vest. Most experts agree that wearing a tie-clip with a vest is overkill. The original purpose of a tie-clip is to secure the tie. If you can tuck your tie under the vest, it's not going to go anywhere. You might be overdoing it. 

  4. Angle. The tie bar should always be perpendicular to your tie. Never wear it at an angle. 

  5. Design. A simple tie clip is elegant. Avoid colorful tie bars unless its one color that matches with the rest of your outfit. Especially aim for silver or gold tie clips for more formal occasions. A tie clip should accent your outfit, not be the focal point.m

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