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Here at The Gentleman Shoppe, we love making you look good. Established in 2015, our shop is growing thanks to your ideas. Our distinguished wears will revitalize your attire. Check out our blog for fashion advice and talk to us! We love to hear from you. 

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Gentleman's Fashion Advice

7 Valuable Tips on Wearing Dress Socks

February 09, 2018

Socks are an often overlooked piece of clothing. Modern gentlemen should always pay careful attention to their choice of socks. That said, picking the perfect pair of socks still requires some thought—there’s a fine line between looking dapper and completely missing the mark. This is a valuable guide to help with selecting the perfect pair of socks for your outfit.  1. Do not wear thin dress socks when wearing athletic shoes and shorts. 2. If you can't find the perfect pair to match with your dress outfit, stick to black. White socks should be reserved for sports or white tuxedos, only.  3. Check your socks to ensure they fit well. You don't want them sagging. 4. Pick a color that goes back to some element...

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A Gentleman's Guide to Cufflinks - Parts, Designs, and Materials

November 23, 2015

One of the finer refinements of any gentleman's attire, cufflinks are among the least understood men's accessory. Most men don't own a pair of cufflinks. Others have received a pair of cufflinks as a gift and haven't had the occasion, or motivation, to wear them. Men don't have a lot of accessory options. When it comes to jewelry, we are generally limited to rings, watches, and cufflinks. Wearing the right cufflinks can get you great compliments and show your personality.